COVID 19 Pandemic is the result of the failure of the ‘Intelligence Agencies’ around the world.

COVID 19 Pandemic

Today the whole world is crying with COVID 19 pandemic, which has made the biggest havoc after the second world war.

The leaders of many countries have openly blamed China for spreading the Coronavirus knowingly.

Let us see who have said what about China –

“Make no mistake, we hold China fully responsible for concealing the virus and unleashing it upon the world. Could have stopped it, they should have stopped,” Donald Trump, The president of the USA.

“Rename WHO as Chinese Health Organization,” Japan’s Deputy PM Taro Aso.

“China has questions to answer over the coronavirus outbreak,” U.K. Defense Minister Ben Wallace.

“Beijing sent airline passengers to spread the infection worldwide,” White House trade adviser, Peter Navarro.

“There is not a good ‘‘detection methodology’’ for the virus because it came from a laboratory, this is not a natural virus. It is an artificial virus,” India Road and Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari.

Now, one thing is clear that it is not a natural virus, it is an artificial virus made in China defense laboratory and China has spread it knowingly. Well! Now questions arise if it is an artificial virus what the “Intelligence agencies” were doing around the world when China was making this virus in the laboratory. What the “Intelligence agencies” were doing around the world when China was planning to spread the virus globally. 

The simple answer we will find is the: ‘Sleeping.’ Yes, the Intelligence agencies around the world were in sleeping mode. They never guessed that China could spread the virus.

All the Intelligence agencies were only focusing on weapons, military, and the technological threats posed by the enemy country. None of them even thought that biological weapons might be the new security threat.

They never thought that China might take revenge of the ‘Trade War.’ If for some time we leave intelligence agencies of other countries, we can not leave the intelligence agency of the USA. We can certainly make the CIA responsible for it. Because at a time when China is mulling the muscle to take the place of the USA in the world, the CIA must have thought that China would not leave us easily. He would certainly use every trick and tactic to downsize us. And at a time when the USA is fighting ‘Trade War’ with China, it is obvious. 

But the CIA failed to analyze the biological threat posed by China. Even at a time when coronavirus was spreading rapidly in Europe, Trump was saying that it will not affect the USA, Americans are safe.

And when we talk about Trump, we know that he is not an ordinary person. He is the President of the USA. He has the best and latest intelligence information in the world. If he is saying that Americans are safe, it means that the CIA had no information about coronavirus.

And why only the CIA, the intelligence agencies of other countries also had thought about it. They must have thought that why China is closing only domestic flights from Wuhan? And not closing international flights. They must have thought that there might be a trick. But they didn’t. All of them were in sleeping mode. Resulted, now the whole world is in sleeping mode. And the one thing we must know that the power game will never stop in the world but the Intelligence agencies must be ready to search for the new technological threat posed by other countries so that COVID 19 pandemic like havoc could be stopped.

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