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I love stories. I wrote my first stories in eight class. Now I am a published author. Topic I cover : Social, Science Fiction and Romance.


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I love to bring traffic tsunami on the websites.


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Technology is my childhood love and creativity is in my blood.

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Coronavirus – The best way to improve your immunity naturally far increasing your survival rate against coronavirus infection.

Hello friends, now the whole world is fighting with the novel coronavirus. The survival rate is 95 percent. ‘Yeah, that’s great.’ You might think like that but it is big but! Because people of all ages have been preyed on by coronavirus. Now the question can come in your mind...

Ram temple verdict: is it really hurting the secular face of India?

 The supreme court of India gave a historical decision on Ram temple on 9 November 2019 in favor of Hindus. No doubt Ayodhya is the birth place of Lord Ram as per Hindus and has great importance among Hindus community. The Muslim community blamed that the decision of Supreme Court...

Air Pollution in Delhi: It has become a matter of politics rather than a matter of concern.

Diwali has passed, no doubt people did enjoy crackers heavily, and there were no restrictions either from central government or state government. And I had a fear in my mind, of becoming Delhi again a gas chamber. But some people were saying that it would not happen again. Moreover Supreme...