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If you are getting failure in your career: it’s time to commercialize yourself.

Are you getting failure in career? Yes! Don’t worry you have a easy solution and it is, to do commercialize yourself. Some of you may confuse about commercialization of life. Yes of course. Commerce has great impact on our life. The difference is that it goes slowly in life and we get filled with emotion. Let us understand with example. Suppose you are doing a business where you only have one customer. What will you think. You would be much emotional than your personal life. You will do everything to retain him in your business. The same thing happens about life where we have limited resources where we do fulfill with emotions.

Career is a product, acquired and developed by us to run our livelihood:

In the early age, especially in the college days we do normally have a goal of career. Some of us want to be doctors, some of us want to be engineers and government jobs like IAS, PCS.

No doubt if you want to be engineer you will do everything to become an engineer and one thing note that with your parents money. Sometimes later if you do not get success in your career your parents will stop the help and it would be the time when you will realize you failure.

In other case you are preparing for competitive exam like IAS, PCS and you are not getting selected despite so much study.

You might be frustrated, confused, and depressed. If you are feeling all of these I cannot say you fool but cannot consider you intelligent. It all happens because you do not think prudently about your career. You might be mind me but you need to understand suppose some ask you a simple question, “Why are you not getting success in your career?” No doubt you will answer him quickly, “There is so much competition.” Or you will give a diplomatic answer, “It is national level exam; so many candidates apply it, only few people selected there or passing percentage if very few.”

Anyway one thing still you realize and that is competition. And you know competition is very usual word in business even if you ask a illiterate man to do business he will ask, “how much competition in this business?.”

Now you have only one solution and that is following –

Commercialize yourself –

Commercial activities is a systematic way to do any economic activities to earn profit. When we talk about commerce or business, the statement do not complete without SWOT analysis, ROI and competition. All of these are fundamentals of commerce. Now let us understand it in detail –

SWOT Analysis – SWOT analysis is measure a position of business in related industry. Where is,

S = Strength  

W= Weakness


T= Threats

Where we analyze strength, weakness of our business unit and opportunity and threats  in business environment. So that we could make a strategy to gain the business opportunity and improve our weakness for the safeguard from potential threats.

ROI Analysis – ROIanalysis is means to see real profit for the investment which is being made in particular business unit or portfolio.

Where ROI mean, “Return on Investment.” And we know for calculating the ROI, there are two basic factors: TIME and MONEY.

 Competition – We all are well aware about it, only the difference is that we have different – different approach about it. For analyzing competition, there is model given by Mr. Porter, “Porter’s five forces model/framework .” Which include five components – 1) Industry rivalry, 2) Threats of new entrants, 3) Threats of substitutes, 4) Bargaining power of supplier, 5) Bargaining power of buyers.

Now Let us commercialize yourself –

You = Investor/Promoter (who are investing time and money in career)

Career = Business Products (it is a product for livelihood, which you want to gain)

What to do while getting failure – You should analyze SWOT and calculate ROI. Analyze Porter’s five forces for particular career.

And finally do R&D (Research and Development) which is the backbone of business.

Let us do –

Step 1 – Analyze Porter’s five forces model – it will give you exact glimpse of particular career in current environment like existing competition, possibility of new entrance, substitutes  of that career, bargaining power of supplier ( your parents financial position and their interest in your current career), bargaining power of your buyers ( Ultimately your buyer is your wife, please note that some people complain about marry. They are getting marry because of bad or low income career. You should analyze that, what type of girl, you can find with current career)

Step 2 – SWOT Analysis – where you will analyze your weakness and strength and opportunity and threats in current career. So that you could determine that you are compatible for that career or not.

Step 3 – ROI Analysis – Through this analysis you should see your Time and Money investment for current career and should see the return of the same Time and Money in the alternate career.

Step 4 – R & D (Research and Development) – And finally you are in situation where you will have to choose an alternate career then don’t forget to do R&D for alternate career so that you could get best career alternative because, you have already lost your one Products.

***And finally best wishes for career***

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