The election for Prime Minister is going to be again, and once again Narendra Modi is in the race for PM Post but now the situation is different from his first-time election for PM Post in 2014. At that time the previous UPA government was facing various corruption charges, the future of India was showing in dark, everyone wanted to change the government, and Narendra Modi was the best option with his best development work as a CM in Gujrat.
Now the situation is different, now Narendra Modi himself is Prime Minister of India. In his tenure, he tried to fulfill his commitment while making during the election. Now everyone wants to see more development.
The opposition is also trying to make baseless allegations against the government and trying to confuse voters.
As a voter you might think not to vote Modi, you might think he has done nothing for the people and country. But before taking the decision to vote others, please read this book once and if your decision change and you think to vote him again then let us know, the work of the Modi government, which you liked most.