Vidyarthi Ram - Official photo

Vision –

 I want to contribute India to become super economic power and heaven of democracy in the world through my writing and composing.

 Mission –

 A country is an association of community, where communities with different thought and religion exist. Moreover my country is also one of them where many community, religion, and language exist. In the 21st century India is facing various challenges, on the one hand it has unemployment problems of youths who are coming every year in workforce, and on the other hand it has a regional and global challenge to become super economic power in the world. The main reasons behind these problems are traditional approach of Indian people and negative thinking between different communities. If we can eliminate differences between communities and make Indian people to come out from traditional thinking then it is almost possible for the country to come out from the challenges, which it is now facing.

I am trying to make a public appeal toward social differences and negativity through my books and composing (whether it is poem or song). It may be i could not get success in my mission but I will be trying it till my last breath.

Objective –

I want to make public attention toward the problems and differences, which exist in Indian society. Moreover I want to motivate Indian youth to think about the social problems, which has been main hindrance in development so that they could take their own decision toward these problems and could have a fair view toward society.  

Work –

My socialism mindset has always compelled me to write or compose for social matters. My books mainly focus on Indian society. My published books are following –

Modi Again – I have written, ‘Modi again – Let us know why’ in 2018 for the exclusively support to ‘Narendra Modi’ in the general election 2019. Some people might think that I am political, so i want to clear that I am not political person at all. In the time when our country is facing various internal and external challenges, it is our need to have s strong leader who could take bold decision in the country interest. Anyway I was not wrong at all. We could see it’s result in the form of revocation of article 370 from Kashmir.

Dalit Boyfriend –  I have written, ‘Dalit boyfriend – An Inter cast love story’ in 2019. Some people hate to listen this word, but you know some people are called by this name. And most importantly Dalit population in India is more than 400 million. Moreover most of them are deprived, depressed and socially neglected.

Can we really become super power and economic power, ignoring these people? I think not at all. They will must have to come in the main stream of development and freedom, where these people could be treated equally without any discrimination. This book has shown the real situation of Dalit youth in the country.