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COVID 19 Pandemic is the result of the failure of the ‘Intelligence Agencies’ around the world.

Covid-19 result of Intelligence agency failure
COVID 19 Pandemic

Today the whole world is crying with COVID 19 pandemic, which has made the biggest havoc after the second world war.

The leaders of many countries have openly blamed China for spreading the Coronavirus knowingly.

Let us see who have said what about China –

“Make no mistake, we hold China fully responsible for concealing the virus and unleashing it upon the world. Could have stopped it, they should have stopped,” Donald Trump, The president of the USA.

“Rename WHO as Chinese Health Organization,” Japan’s Deputy PM Taro Aso.

“China has questions to answer over the coronavirus outbreak,” U.K. Defense Minister Ben Wallace.

“Beijing sent airline passengers to spread the infection worldwide,” White House trade adviser, Peter Navarro.

“There is not a good ‘‘detection methodology’’ for the virus because it came from a laboratory, this is not a natural virus. It is an artificial virus,” India Road and Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari.

Now, one thing is clear that it is not a natural virus, it is an artificial virus made in China defense laboratory and China has spread it knowingly. Well! Now questions arise if it is an artificial virus what the “Intelligence agencies” were doing around the world when China was making this virus in the laboratory. What the “Intelligence agencies” were doing around the world when China was planning to spread the virus globally. 

The simple answer we will find is the: ‘Sleeping.’ Yes, the Intelligence agencies around the world were in sleeping mode. They never guessed that China could spread the virus.

All the Intelligence agencies were only focusing on weapons, military, and the technological threats posed by the enemy country. None of them even thought that biological weapons might be the new security threat.

They never thought that China might take revenge of the ‘Trade War.’ If for some time we leave intelligence agencies of other countries, we can not leave the intelligence agency of the USA. We can certainly make the CIA responsible for it. Because at a time when China is mulling the muscle to take the place of the USA in the world, the CIA must have thought that China would not leave us easily. He would certainly use every trick and tactic to downsize us. And at a time when the USA is fighting ‘Trade War’ with China, it is obvious. 

But the CIA failed to analyze the biological threat posed by China. Even at a time when coronavirus was spreading rapidly in Europe, Trump was saying that it will not affect the USA, Americans are safe.

And when we talk about Trump, we know that he is not an ordinary person. He is the President of the USA. He has the best and latest intelligence information in the world. If he is saying that Americans are safe, it means that the CIA had no information about coronavirus.

And why only the CIA, the intelligence agencies of other countries also had thought about it. They must have thought that why China is closing only domestic flights from Wuhan? And not closing international flights. They must have thought that there might be a trick. But they didn’t. All of them were in sleeping mode. Resulted, now the whole world is in sleeping mode. And the one thing we must know that the power game will never stop in the world but the Intelligence agencies must be ready to search for the new technological threat posed by other countries so that COVID 19 pandemic like havoc could be stopped.

Coronavirus – The best way to improve your immunity naturally far increasing your survival rate against coronavirus infection.

Corona virus
Corona virus

Hello friends, now the whole world is fighting with the novel coronavirus. The survival rate is 95 percent. ‘Yeah, that’s great.’ You might think like that but it is big but! Because people of all ages have been preyed on by coronavirus. Now the question can come in your mind – what is my chance to survive this pandemic (coronavirus)? And another question can be – how can I increase my survival rate from this pandemic? Don’t worry!

Here I am going to share some simple tips to increase your immunity so that you could increase your survival rate from coronavirus infection –

 The simple tips to increase your survival rate is to increase your immunity. And for increasing your immunity the following things play a vital role in the human body.

1-    Vitamin C

2-    Vitamin D

3-    Antioxidant food

4-    Antiviral food

1). Vitamin C –

   Vitamin C plays a vital role in the human body. Its other name is ascorbic acid. It is necessary for the growth, development, and repair of body tissues. It is involved in following body function –

–         Formation of collagen

–         Absorption of iron

–         Improvement of immune system

–         Wound healing

–         Maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth

Natural source of Vitamin C –

Vitamin C’s main source is as follows –

–         Citrus fruits like Orange, Kiwi, lemon, guava, grapefruit, papaya etc.

–         Vegetables like – broccoli, cauliflower, and capsicums.

–         Trifala churna.

2). Vitamin D –

     The main role of vitamin D in our body is to maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in blood, absorption of calcium from food and helping to form and maintain strong bones. It also helps to make the immune system strong. Researchers around the world found that the people whose immune systems were weak, had also low levels of vitamin D in their blood.

Natural source of Vitamin D –

Vitamin D’s natural source is following –

–         Sun Light – Sun is the big natural source of Vitamin D in the human body. Our body cells produce Vitamin D itself under Sunlight. So if you want to increase Vitamin D intake in your body, you should sit in sunlight for one or half an hour  daily or at least two hour in a week for better health.

–         Fish like tuna, mackerel, and salmon.

–         Cheese.

–         Egg yolks.

3 ). Antioxidant Food –  

   The main role of antioxidants in the human body is, to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals may cause oxidative stress. This may damage DNA and other important structures in the cells.

Chronic oxidative can increase the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type two diabetes, and cancer.

Natural source of Antioxidant –

Antioxidants natural source is following –

–         Dark chocolate

–         Beans

–         Nuts like almond, pistachios, Walnut, cashews and Peanuts.

–         Trifala Churna

4 ). Antiviral Food –

   Antivirals play a very important role in the human body by protecting cells from viral infections. When any virus enters the human body, it allows the body’s immune mechanism to neutralize the virus.

Natural source of Antiviral –

Antivirals natural source is following –

–         Garlic

–         Ginger

–         Yoghurt

–         Triphala churna

How to take –

  After giving so many options; some of you might be confused, how to take all of these. For your conveyance, I am going to give a diet schedule that will make you strong internally.

1-    Triphala churna – Take one teaspoon Triphala churna with light warm water, after getting up in the morning. And one teaspoon in the night before sleeping.

2-    Sunlight – Sit in the Sunlight for half an hour, daily, or Two hours in the week. Note – if Sunlight is not possible then take Vitamin D rich food.

3-    Yogurt, lemon, and Garlic – Include lemon, garlic, and yogurt in your diet; every day.

4- Ginger – Take two spoon ginger paste and boil it in one cup of water and drink, once or twice in a day.

5- Dry fruit – Take dry fruit like cashew, walnut, and almond daily for breakfast.

6- Fruit – Take seasonal fruit daily.

Finally have faith in God and do exercise regularly.

Questionnaire –

The following are some questions that might arise in your mind about Coronavirus.

Question – What is Coronavirus disease?

Answer – Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease caused by the Novel Coronavirus.

Question – Is there any medicine for Coronavirus disease?

Answer – Till date there is no medicine for Coronavirus, but various scientists around the world are making vaccines for this virus.

Question – What is the recovery time for the Coronavirus disease?

Answer – It takes 2 months in normal and mild cases and 3 to 6 weeks in case of severe and critical conditions.

Question – What happens when you get the Coronavirus disease?

 Answer – The signs of Coronavirus are headache, dry cough, fever in normal and mild cases, and breathing problems and tiredness in severe and critical conditions.

CAB (Citizenship amendment bill) 2019 of India: Why USA and USCIRF have no right to speak over it.

Indian government has passed CAB (Citizenship amendment bill) 2019, which gives citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christian migrants who have migrated in India from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Some people are talking that it is against Human rights. I will talk later about the people who are opposing it inside India, first of all I want to tell about western countries who are opposing it and want to make clear their intention behind it.

The history is evident that: For western countries, “Human rights are things which does not harm their interest and their people.

I want to give some example about this: When ISIS began to kill people in Iraq and Syria, the people began to flee from there. They began to migrate in Europe and some of them tried to asylum in USA. US government refused the migration of these people on the ground that some of them might be terrorist. Some European countries gave them asylum, which made the path of Brexit and we know that Brexit happened only for preventing migrants from Iraq and Syria who were reaching in UK through European countries.

If I talk about secularism in USA, we know that, this is the country where a Muslim has to change his religion to become the President of USA.

Now let us make emphasis why USA is so keen about CAB bill. We know that USA had helped Pakistan in 1971 war between India and Pakistan. India could get defeat in this war if Russia had not helped us. Which might resulted to be captured our some land by Pakistan. Now the people who are opposing this law are those people who favor Pakistan due India – Russia friendship.

Now let us see if CAB Bill really affect Indian Muslims ? The simple answer is: No.

The people who are affected by this Law are Rohingya Muslim who have illegally migrated India through Bangladesh and we know that this people are terrorist minded people against whom Myanmar government had run operation in 2015   And this law will also affect some Bangladeshi who have migrated India, during India – Pakistan war 1971. Now it is very much difficult for Indian Government to separate Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshi Muslims. So decided to keep both out of this list.

The reason to include other migrants from these countries is that these this people are really being tortured in these countries by majority Muslims, whose news come from time to time. In addition, data also show the realty. In 1950 27 % population of Pakistan was Minority (Hindus and other religious people) but in 2019 it is merely 3% of total population, the detail can be seen on Wikipedia on topic, “Minorities in Pakistan.

Every country has right to secure its border and its people and India is doing the same through CAB Bill which almost not affecting its Muslims citizen. So the blame of USA – USCIRF is baseless and political motivated. As it is an internal matter of India so absolutely they have no right to speak over it.

Maharashtra Politics: Now India need to make a “Political ally split law” like “Anti-defection law.”

Now Maharastra has found a new CM after ruckus of near about of one month in a dramatic way. Moreover the episode became more twisted when Shiv Sena – NCP and Congress filed a petition in supreme court for immediate floor test . The NCP supremo, Sharad Pawar immediately removed Ajit Pawar from the post of legislative Party leader.

Plolitical parties are blaming to BJP for splitting the NCP and making accusation that taking oath in 5.30 in morning is unconstitutional and immoral.

Sharad Pawar threatened to his MLA that if anyone dares to go with Ajit Pawar will face anti defection law. Now I want to elaborate anti defection law and try to know that on what basis it is made.

What is Anti-Defection Law? –

The anti defection law was made through 51 amendment of constitution in 1985. This law make disqualify to MP and MLA on the basis of their change from one party to another party.

The anti defection law apply in following cases –

A political party member whether he is MP or MLA, has fought election on that party’s ticket –

            (a) if he leave his party willingly, will face this law.

           (b) if he votes against the instruction of his political party or become absent and his party do not forgive him for that  activity then his membership would finish.  

Nominated member: If a nominated member joins the other party after six month of his nomination, his nomination would be finish.

Independent member: If any independent member joins any party after winning the election his member ship would be finish.

Anti defection law would not apply in following situation –

If any party divides and its two – third member make a new party.

If any member of a political party is selected a presiding officer then he would be out from his party willingly and after finishing his term, he would be member of his party again. And this law would not apply on him.

What is the base of Anti defection law? –

We know that political parties do fight election on party manifesto so if any member change his party after election it be deceit with common public who have voted him believing on that manifesto. So my question is that  if there can be a law for defection so why there can not be a law for political ally split?

Political ally split law: Need and importance –

Political alliances are made while election when two are more parties come together and fight election on common manifesto. Now the question is that if they split after the election what would be?

In my opinion it would be deceit with common public who have voted them believing on that manifesto.

The anti defection law was made for political stability in the country and for stopping the misuse of public fund. So all of above reason arise too when two parties split after election.

Which type law should be there?

In that case there must be a provision if political parties fight election on a common manifesto and after election if they split and some members change their membership from one party to another party then in that case “Anti defection law” would not apply on that member, provided, the another party, in which he is going to join, stands firm on election manifesto.

Ram Mandir verdict: is it really hurting the secular face of India?

Ram Mandir
Ram Mandir

 The supreme court of India gave a historical decision on Ram temple on 9 November 2019 in favor of Hindus. No doubt Ayodhya is the birth place of Lord Ram as per Hindus and has great importance among Hindus community. The Muslim community blamed that the decision of Supreme Court was wrong and was in the favor of Hindus.

Some Muslim leaders blamed that it is not a secular decision as there was already a masque on that place. If it was the Masque, how can Supreme Court give decision in the favor of Temple? No doubt it is really a matter of concern for every responsible Indian who does see India as a secular country. For a moment I was also confused. Before that I took it a biased decision, I wanted to find the answer of following questions, which were arising in my mind at that time.

What does the mean of the secular country?

A secular country is a country that does not have any official religion, unlike Pakistan and Muslims country where Islam is the state religion.

In other terms secular country becomes neutral about religion and gives the religious freedom to its citizens. It does not expend public fund on religion and it’s legal system becomes free from religion. It does allow political leader to come in power irrespective of their religious beliefs, unlike Pakistan where only Muslims can become PM and President of Pakistan.    

The next question is

Can Supreme Court give decision on religious matter in secular country?

The answer is Yes, Supreme Court can give decision on religion because secular countries do not bar its citizen to practice a religion means there is a religious freedom. Therefore the communities from various religions exist in the country it is sure that there might be some dispute among them and we know finally the disputes go in the Court.

Now let us understand the Ayodhya case – Till 1992, Hindus used to pray Lord Ram there despite being a Masque. In 1992 Karsevak, a group of Hindu activist demolished the Masque. The case of Masque and Temple was already pending in the Court. The Hindus communities were claiming that the Masque was made after demolishing a Temple.

The main facts, on which basis, Supreme Court gave decision in the favor of Hindus.  

1 – The Archaeological Survey of India’s (ASI) When Hindus began to claim that there was a Temple before the Masque then the Court decided to give it to ASI of India. In his investigation, ASI found that there was a “huge Temple structure” beneath the earth on which Masque was made. And it proved that of Hindus were right.

2 – Islamic Law about Masque – The Islamic law tells that a Masque cannot be made on any old structure. It means the construction of Babri Masque was against Islamic Law as there were already the remains of Temple.

So finally Supreme Court took the decision on the basis of ASI report, which proved that the claims of Hindus were right. And on the basis of Islamic Law which proved that Masque on that place was against Islam as it was made after demolishing Temple. So it does not hurt the secular sentiment of India in any manner rather than it gives full freedom along with religious security.   

Air Pollution in Delhi: It has become a matter of politics rather than matter of concern.

Air Pollution in Delhi
Air Pollution

Diwali has passed, no doubt people did enjoy crackers heavily, and there were no restrictions either from central government or state government. And I had a fear in my mind, of becoming Delhi again a gas chamber. But some people were saying that it would not happen again.

Moreover Supreme court also did not take any strict actions on it and allowed people to burn green crackers. Green crackers! Really it gave me a new curiosity to know about it so decided to ask a man who runs grocery shop and also sells crackers during diwali.

   ‘Uncle! Do you have green crackers?’ I asked him.

First of all he saw my face and finally asked, ‘what do you mean by green crackers?’

 ‘Supreme court have allowed for green crackers, you don’t know?’ I said.

 ‘Yes I know,’ he smiled and showed me a bursting crackers’

 ‘But it is normal crackers,’ I asked surprisingly.

 ‘Is it not looking green?’ he asked.

Yes surely! It’s cover was green. Really it was looking very nice in green wrapper. I saw him and smiled, now my query about “Green crackers” had been completed and I came back home.

Now my question had been changed, and it was, “Why supreme court did not take any strict actions against it?” No doubt; Supreme Court is very much sincere in our country and always give best judgment in public interest.

Really I could not found the exact answer so I decided to repeat my question again as I do many times when I do not find answer of difficult question. “Why supreme court did not take any action?” and this time I had found the answer and it was “Why supreme court will take any actions?” you may be surprise how a question can be answer of another question? So let us understand the whole scene.

India is democratic country where governments are chosen by public whether it is central government or state government and Delhi is the same. Supreme court try to intervene very much less in public matter. Now the question is who is responsible for it and we know Central government and state government are responsible for it.

After Diwali when pollution began to increase, the chief minister of Delhi blamed other states government not taking any strict actions on farmers, who are burning stubble. Moreover, central government became silent on this matter. Slowly – slowly smug covered all over the Delhi and Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal declared 5 day leave for students, specially the children.

We know that last year when Supreme court had banned on crackers completely, the air pollution after Diwali did not reach to a alarming level, despite being severe for a long while.

In the recent media news the chief minister of Delhi says that this is being due to stubble burning, people of Delhi did everything to prevent the pollution and neighboring state should come together and seek for a solution for stubble burning rather than making it a political issues.

This is the statement of Delhi government who did not take any actions during the Diwali. I saw that people were bursting the crackers up to 12 o clock in the night and it happened all over the Delhi. Now the question is, if Delhi CM is really serious about the pollution. And answer is No; not at all.

As the next election in Delhi for CM is going to held in February 2020 so he do not want to annoy the Delhi’s voter, the third class hindu voters who have come from UP and Bihar as this people do not understand the pollution and do burst crackers without caring of environment and health challenges.

In addition, the same situation is also with the governments of other states, as they also do not annoy the farmers as they are the core voters in state elections.

And finally I don’t see any quick development either at state level or center level until any social activist like Anna Hajare do not sit on strike against the pollution and make a huge public movement against it.

Happy Diwali, 2019: how much it worth for Kashmiri Pandits.

Kashmiri Pandit diwali 2019
Kashmiri Pandit

Happy Diwali! Yeah it has come, sure all of us are happy. , some of us are decorating home, some of us are buying new bikes and cars and children are happy to get new clothes and sweets. Happy Diwali has a religious significant among Hindu family. On this day people from Hindu family worship Goddess Laxmi and seek her blessing for prosperous life.

Some of people wait Diwali all over the year to buy some valuable articles  like – Jewellery, new bike or car and even home. Diwali is considered very much lucky for buying new articles among Indians.

Now when India has revoked article 370 from Kashmir, it is not a simple Diwali for Kashmiri Pandits at the time when they have been forcibly expelled by muslims extremist, from Kashmir.

Some nations falsely blame India for torturing Kashmiri muslims and they do forget the time when Kashmiri Pandits had been murdered and forcibly expelled from their home by muslim extremist. They blame because they are muslims and have had genocide millions people of other religions.

If you cannot feel the grief of Kshmiri pandits I request you to keep yourself in place of them for few minutes surely you will shiver for while. Now I want to tell in details about them.

Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits- 1990

In January 1990, Hizbul Mujahideen threatened Kashmiri Pandits to leave valley or be ready for death. Some prominent leader and activists of Hindu community were killed. The home of Kashmiri Pandits were either burned or captured by Ksahmiri muslims forcibly. Some of them were murdered mercilessly. The shops and temple of Hindus were burned and destroyed. More than 300000 kashmiri Pandits left valley immediately and other 300000 in next few years.

Their home and land were captured by local kashmiri muslims. They were compelled to live in refugee camps in Srinagar. Some of them migrate to other states in India. Till date all of them are living exile life despite having home and land in Kashmir.

In a time when Modi government have removed aricle 370 from Kashmir and made it union territory, it has given a hope among Ksashmiri Pandits to get their home and land back.

So in a time when India is celebrating, ‘Happy Diwali, 2019,’ surely it would be a special day for Kshmiri Pandits, as a hope of getting their property back after so long period of more than 19 year.

Some of them might not be able to purchase new articles like bike, jewellery or home but surely would be happy for a hope to getting back their lost property 19 years ago.

Surely, ‘Happy Diwali, 2019 will enlighten a hope in their dream, a dream to return to their home and to get their property back.

                                          ***Happy Diwali***

Brand Ambassador of Kashmiri: Pak PM’s new comedy in global politics.

When India removed article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir on August 05 2019, Imran Khan, the prime minister of Pakistan declared himself the brand ambassador of Kashmiri. He is trying to show that he is fighting for rights of Kashmiri.

  If anybody will listen him, he will understand that India is torturing Kashmiri people but reality is against it. Today I want to elaborate the real situation of Kashmiri and Pakistan. After reading this article you will clearly understand why his (Imran Khan) stunt is nothing more than a comedy in the global politics.

   Who have right to talk about human rights? – The people who do understand all human equal irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, and racial identity only have a right to talk about human rights. The people who believe in peace and harmony have right to talk.

    Let us see if Pakistan does deserve all of these factors.

  1. Osama Bin laden’s ( world famous terrorist ) protector was Pakistan –

We all are well aware of 09/11 , the terrorist attack on America world trade centre, where 2996 innocent people were killed. The attack was planned by then Al-qaeda founder Osama bin laden. He was living in Pakistan under the protection of Pakistan army and Pakistan intelligence agency ISI. His mansion was located 1.3 km from Pakistan Military Academy in southwest of Pakistan. Google Earth maps show that the compound was not present in 2001, but it was present on images taken in 2005; means, it was specially made for Osama bin Laden in the protection of Pakistani Army and Pakistani Intelligence agency ISI.

2. 26/11, 2008 Mumbai attackers had got training in Pakistan –

The 2008 mumbai attack also known as 26/11 were a series of terrorist attacks where 174 innocent people were killed and more than 300 people were wounded.

The terrorist had received training in marine warfare at a remote camp in mountainous Muzaffarabad in Pakistan. Part of the training was reported to have taken place on the Manlga Dam reservoir in Pakistan.

As per former US intelligence officer Pakistan army and Pakistan intelligence agency ISI had given training to these terrorist. Former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif suggested that Pakistan government had played a role in the 2008 mumbai attack, who have been later on jailed by Pakistan in the name corruption charges.

3. Pakistan and state-sponsored terrorism –

Pakistan has been accused by neighbouring country India, Afganistan ands Iran and other nations including United States, the United Kingdom, and France, of the involvement of terrorist activities and in the region and beyond. In July 2019, reigning Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan on his official visit to United States claimed that there are 30000 – 40000 armed terrorists in Pakistan. He further stated that previous governments were hiding this truth particularly from the US from the last 15 years.

4. Minority in Pakistan –

When Pakistan got freedom in 1947 there were 23 percent religious minorities, now it has decreased up to 3 percent of Pakistan’ total population. The situation of minorities in Pakistan are very much deteriorated. The Pakistan government unwilling or unable to provide protection against attacks by extremists or to reign in abuses committed by its own security forces.

5. Blasphemy Law of Pakistan –

The blasphemy law of Pakistan states that whoever “defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine. This law ios phrased in vague terms, and is often used to level false accusations at people from religious minorities. Asia Bibi is a notable example of a person against whom such a violation occurred. For more detail you can see wikipedia

According to the 2012 United States Commission on International Religious freedom annual report, “The government of Pakistan continues to engage in and tolerate systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of freedom of religion or belief.”

6. Forced conversion –

Religious minority communities in Pakistan are also more likely to be victims of forced conversions and forced marriages. Women and girls ( teenage girls) are subject to abduction and rape by the perpetrators, and are then forcibly converted to Islam and marriage to their abductors.

Global Human Rights Defence have shown that families of the girls are often unable to effectively file a police report, because many members of the police force and local authorities are corrupted and biased in favour of the Muslim majority.

The country, who is the factory of terrorism, kills innocent people every year around the world, who forcibly sends its youth to terror camp for becoming terrorist, who has given no human rights to its minorities community, where attack on minorities people and abduction of their daughters is normal activities surely have no rights to talk about Kashmiri People.

The countries around the world are well aware about all these activities of Pakistan. So the leaders of this country, like Imran Khan when talks about human rights it is nothing but a matter of comedy among global political community.

If you are getting failure in your career: it’s time to commercialize yourself.

Are you getting failure in career? Yes! Don’t worry you have a easy solution and it is, to do commercialize yourself. Some of you may confuse about commercialization of life. Yes of course. Commerce has great impact on our life. The difference is that it goes slowly in life and we get filled with emotion. Let us understand with example. Suppose you are doing a business where you only have one customer. What will you think. You would be much emotional than your personal life. You will do everything to retain him in your business. The same thing happens about life where we have limited resources where we do fulfill with emotions.

Career is a product, acquired and developed by us to run our livelihood:

In the early age, especially in the college days we do normally have a goal of career. Some of us want to be doctors, some of us want to be engineers and government jobs like IAS, PCS.

No doubt if you want to be engineer you will do everything to become an engineer and one thing note that with your parents money. Sometimes later if you do not get success in your career your parents will stop the help and it would be the time when you will realize you failure.

In other case you are preparing for competitive exam like IAS, PCS and you are not getting selected despite so much study.

You might be frustrated, confused, and depressed. If you are feeling all of these I cannot say you fool but cannot consider you intelligent. It all happens because you do not think prudently about your career. You might be mind me but you need to understand suppose some ask you a simple question, “Why are you not getting success in your career?” No doubt you will answer him quickly, “There is so much competition.” Or you will give a diplomatic answer, “It is national level exam; so many candidates apply it, only few people selected there or passing percentage if very few.”

Anyway one thing still you realize and that is competition. And you know competition is very usual word in business even if you ask a illiterate man to do business he will ask, “how much competition in this business?.”

Now you have only one solution and that is following –

Commercialize yourself –

Commercial activities is a systematic way to do any economic activities to earn profit. When we talk about commerce or business, the statement do not complete without SWOT analysis, ROI and competition. All of these are fundamentals of commerce. Now let us understand it in detail –

SWOT Analysis – SWOT analysis is measure a position of business in related industry. Where is,

S = Strength  

W= Weakness


T= Threats

Where we analyze strength, weakness of our business unit and opportunity and threats  in business environment. So that we could make a strategy to gain the business opportunity and improve our weakness for the safeguard from potential threats.

ROI Analysis – ROIanalysis is means to see real profit for the investment which is being made in particular business unit or portfolio.

Where ROI mean, “Return on Investment.” And we know for calculating the ROI, there are two basic factors: TIME and MONEY.

 Competition – We all are well aware about it, only the difference is that we have different – different approach about it. For analyzing competition, there is model given by Mr. Porter, “Porter’s five forces model/framework .” Which include five components – 1) Industry rivalry, 2) Threats of new entrants, 3) Threats of substitutes, 4) Bargaining power of supplier, 5) Bargaining power of buyers.

Now Let us commercialize yourself –

You = Investor/Promoter (who are investing time and money in career)

Career = Business Products (it is a product for livelihood, which you want to gain)

What to do while getting failure – You should analyze SWOT and calculate ROI. Analyze Porter’s five forces for particular career.

And finally do R&D (Research and Development) which is the backbone of business.

Let us do –

Step 1 – Analyze Porter’s five forces model – it will give you exact glimpse of particular career in current environment like existing competition, possibility of new entrance, substitutes  of that career, bargaining power of supplier ( your parents financial position and their interest in your current career), bargaining power of your buyers ( Ultimately your buyer is your wife, please note that some people complain about marry. They are getting marry because of bad or low income career. You should analyze that, what type of girl, you can find with current career)

Step 2 – SWOT Analysis – where you will analyze your weakness and strength and opportunity and threats in current career. So that you could determine that you are compatible for that career or not.

Step 3 – ROI Analysis – Through this analysis you should see your Time and Money investment for current career and should see the return of the same Time and Money in the alternate career.

Step 4 – R & D (Research and Development) – And finally you are in situation where you will have to choose an alternate career then don’t forget to do R&D for alternate career so that you could get best career alternative because, you have already lost your one Products.

***And finally best wishes for career***

Are Muslims really second class citizens in India?

When India removed article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir on August 5, 2019, the prime minister of Pakistan started a campaign against India, his major blame was that India is violating human rights in Jammu & Kashmir. The Muslims are being tortured by Indian forces, after so much big accusation he did not stop at that point he further accused that The Muslims are treated as “Second Class Citizens” in India.

This allegation was really very much curious matter for every Indian. At the movement I decided to check if he is really right. I decided to check if Indians are really so much narrow mind at executive level.

India is very much tolerance country in the world. Where, the people from various religions and communities are living happily. Even though I do agree that there are castiesm among Indian people but it is limited only up to middle class and under educated people. The major public and government organization have their own personal department who do hire employees for the organization. The basis of selection is some qualification criteria, which every candidates have to follow in order to be qualified for that job irrespective of his cast, community and religious identity.

When we talk about Muslims participation in Indian politics, the face of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam comes in our mind. He was the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007. He was then elected by the ruling party, Bhartiya Janata Party, which is blamed to be anti – Muslims in the country by the opposition. Moreover Dr. Kalam had received every prestigious national award. He received Padam Bhushan in 1981, Padma Vibhushan in 1990 and Bharat Ratna in 1997.
When we talk about Muslims in India we cannot ignore film industry, bollywood where Khan family have very much strong presence like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan and Saif Ali Khan. All of these guys have millions of fans in India most of them are Hindu.

And other faces is Dawood Ibrahim, chhota Shakeel, which rarely come in our mind on the name of Muslims because we Indian are very much positive thinker, we do see the every matter from positive side.

I do remember my hostel time where some Muslims boys were living. I had seen many of them talking about Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Tiger and Chhota Sakeel. Moreover some of them were calling to each other Chhota Tiger and Chhota Sakeel. The matter is that they were negative thinker otherwise they could call Sahrukh or Salaman.

When we talk about religion we know Muslims youth are more vulnerable to be misguided on the name of religion all around the world which we have seen in ISIS in Syria and Iraq and India is not an exception of that. On coming days we continue to listen that NIA have arrested some people and most of them are Muslims but these people are negligible among twenty million Muslims in India. Most of Muslims are well educated, businessman and are well settled in their life.

The conclusion is that the people who deserve for high post jobs like IAS, PCS are getting that irrespective of his community and religion and people who have contributed in nation building are getting national award like Padam Bhushan and Bharat Ratna. The people who have some art in himself like bollywood actor, are finding millions of fan in India irrespective of his community and religion.

All of these are sign of mature democratic nation. So the allegation of Pakistan Prime Minister that Muslims are second class Citizens in India is baseless and it is mare a tools to misguide negative thinking muslims youth in the name of religion.

Indian Muslims” article in wikipedia has more information on muslims in India.